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Calculated Crazy: From Crossroads, Boarding Passes & Point of No Return

In the pursuit of a better life and a peaceful place to raise their children, Olga and her husband, Denes, found themselves at a crossroads, contemplating a leap into the unknown. With two young children in tow, they were aware of the challenges but were determined to pursue their dreams. Some call it crazy if it is spontaneous, but when it is intentional and planned out with genuine help we call it an adventure of a lifetime with calculated risks. Fast forward to early 2023, Olga, Denes, and the kids found themselves boarding a plane. Enduring 26 hours of flight and 1 connection, their real challenge began. Settling in, sorting out everyday necessities in English, from banking to accommodation, doctor registration and grocery shopping, finding ingredients and substitutes.

"At the end of 2022, we submitted our application for a working visa to New Zealand as a family with two young children. Harmony Immigration provided maximum support, guiding us through the application process. Thanks to their assistance, we had our plane tickets by early 2023. Since our arrival in March, they have been offering continuous background support, without which the initial steps would not have been easy. We received help with purchasing a car and renting an apartment while we were still in Hungary. Additionally, they assisted in opening a bank account, obtaining a tax number, and navigating the process of getting a driver's license. With only positive experiences, we wholeheartedly recommend Harmony Immigration to others."

Beyond the logistical details, the challenges at the beginning with the employer which has successfully settled and Denes proved that he is an excellent employee, also the stress of waiting for immigration approval their decision tells us a story of finding the courage to face the unknown. The family's perseverance paid off, and they recognize that ongoing challenges, such as cultural adaptation, community integration and homesickness, will be part of their continued journey. But with the right support and guidance, challenges can be overcome and dreams will become a reality with time.


Harmony Immigration can assist you in various ways on your journey including comprehensive immigration services under one roof, crafting personalised CV, preparing you for job, visa interviews & IELTS exam, connecting you with potential employers, translating & verifying legal documents.

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