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not come every day. Seize them while you can. We are here to stand up for you with the ease of communication, offering professional & hands-on immigration service to turn your moving dreams into reality.

Immigrating to a new country is one of a lifetime decision, and those opportunities do


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Book a FREE 30 minutes consultation where we can discuss any additional question of yours and take the process to the next level. It is extremely advantageous if could complete the Assessment before the Consultation in order to fully understand your background, motives and goals.


Not too sure where to start? Take our assessment to see what you might qualify for. This is crucial part of the immigration process that gives me a thorough and better understanding of your character, personal goals and circumstances.


Immigration is a complex multistep journey. Our comprehensive array of services simplify your immigration experience and covers all vital aspects of the immigration journey under one roof, ensuring that no detail is overlooked.

🌟 Visa, Immigration Consultation
📋 Assistance with Visa Applications
🌐 Immigration Strategy
💬 Advice on Immigration Matters
⚖️ Legal Representation
📝 Preparation of Application Forms
🔍 Document Review
🏆 Employer Accreditation
✅ Job check application


A successful immigration journey involves more than just visas and permits. That's why we are introducing our comprehensive 'Employment Excellerator' service to prepare you with a competitive edge to find work easier. Increased career potential with our power-packed services.
📝 Craft CVs & Cover Letters
🤝 Connect with employers
🎯 Job interview preparation


We are NAATI (National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters) certified and NZSTI (New Zealand Society of Translators and Interpreters) affiliated partners to simplifying your immigration journey. 'Language Facilitator & Authentication' is the cornerstone of bridging communication gap and speed up document compliance with immigration regulations.
      📜 Translating
      🗣️ Interpreting
      📚 Document certification


Successful English exam and interviews are a must in an English spoken country. Comprehensive study materials, knowledge-based approach and linguistic expertise ensure that you're well-prepared to meet visa interview and language requirements.
📝 English IELTS exam
💑 Couples Visa Interview Training      


Administrative tasks take time and plenty of footwork. You're not just immigrating; you're establishing an organized foundation for your new beginning. `Administrative Essentials' is designed to simplify the initial steps of settling by helping with the followings:
  🩺 GP registration
  🧾 Tax Office (IRD) Enrollment
  💳 Banking Made Easy (Open Bank account)


Settling in is more than a mere change of location; it's about building a stable foundation for your new life. `Settlement Support` is your compass to navigate the unfamiliar terrain before you set foot in New Zealand.
  🏠 Accommodation assistance
  📜 Tenant Rights and Responsibilities


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There are different visas for all kind of purposes and intentions. It is like an endorsement that grants the bearer official permission to legally enter, travel, work, leave or settle in New Zealand for a specified time period.

With many visa types to choose from, each one is distinct from the others hence they grant you different rights depending on the visa type. To qualify you'll need to meet the certain visa requirements.


For those who have the right skillset or expertise and have been offered full-time work by an Accredited Employer in New Zealand and meet health and character requirements, may be able to apply for an Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV)


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It allows you to live in New Zealand indefinitely, including working and studying. There is a difference between a temporary and a permanent residence visa. A temporary visa has travel conditions, while the permanent residence visa allows you to travel without any conditions.

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For invited workers with skills we need, to live and work permanently anywhere in NZ.


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It offers an indefinite stay in return of undertaking or investing in business activities.


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With this Visa you can study in New Zealand for more than 3 months.


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This temporary authorization which allows you to enter the country for a fixed period of time.

Disclaimer : Please be mindful that all advice provided is based on current legislation, policy and instructions. These may change at any time and changes may affect your options and eligibility for a particular type of visa.

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