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Dr Edit Fellner - Andrejkovics

Licensed Immigration Adviser, Director
LIA number: 202001046


Certified Translator (Eng-Hun)

ID number: CPN5RZ77L

Practising Interpreter (Hun-Eng)

ID number: CPN5RZ77L

Student Recruitment Specialist

at AcademyEX

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Education & Qualification

  • Certified Immigration Adviser, Bachelor's Level 7 Diploma

  • Master in Translation, Interpreting and Intercultural Communication

  • Practising NAATI Hungarian to English Interpreter

  • NAATI Certified English to Hungarian Translator

  • Doctor of Philosophy, PhD Law

  • German Language Teacher, Bachelor of Education

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She has been in New Zealand for many years, started out as immigrant herself, now she proudly holds multiple qualifications in Law, Teaching and Business Management. Her extensive experience in Immigration industry makes her well-versed to guide clients through the maze of regulations and find the best available options.

About Edit

Edit has a passion for running, she has proudly completed Auckland marathon and numerous half marathons for a number of years. Mother of two she keep herself fully occupied with entrepreneur husband and two adorable kids, if time allows - like most Kiwis - Edit can be found at the beach with family and friends.

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Krisztina is an essential part of the team, and has been with Harmony Immigration since the very beginning. As our Personal and Legal Assistant, she has worked with and helped many clients to ensure complete satisfaction. Krisztina also has a legal background as a lawyer overseas.

Krisztina has that energetic motivation on every level when approaches tasks with logical and systematic way. Her effective communication skill and possession of the highest standards towards client confidentiality lifted her among the professional legal &  finance assistants in the industry.

About Krisztina

Dr Krisztina Aszodi

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Personal and Legal Assistant

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It is all started in Hungary where I got bitten by the travel bug about 20 years ago. Visited numerous countries but none of them offered the soul soothing peace with a homely feeling as New Zealand did.


During the years, 34 at the time I had my daughters while I was working hard to launch this business. And here I am today, confident to provide a service that helps you because I know how daunting task migrating can be. While I was going through the jerky immigration process I knew in that moment that this undesirable predicament needs to be fixed. Consequently Harmony Immigration was born.

Swimming in Natural Hot Spring


New Zealand is envied for its relaxed pace, work-life balance, ranked high of the list for non-corrupted countries with superior life expectancy, education and of course the unbeatable pristine scenery, which is never too far from wherever you are. Those qualities set New Zealand apart from the rest of the world.

We earn trust and client’s satisfaction by providing ethical approach, expertise and friendly transparent service. With the mindset of "go above and beyond" we are dedicated to offering solutions to individuals with different backgrounds. This simple approach and honest work have effectively fueled our trustworthiness since we established our company.

Emigrating to a new country can be complex and lengthy process and New Zealand no exception either. A qualified consultant with a thorough understanding of immigration requirements is there for you to facilitate the immigration process and create clear communication between you and Immigration New Zealand (INZ). We speak languages as diverse as people of New Zealand, if you prefer we can communicate in Hungarian, Italian or German .

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Barnaby is also an essential part of the team, and has been with Harmony Immigration almost for 2 years. As our Marketing Specialist, he is responsible for our social media presence. Barnaby has a bachelor degree in Information Technology gained overseas.

Barnaby has successfully transitioned from a different industry to embrace new challenges and opportunities in the field  of marketing. Connecting, collaborating, and learning from like-minded professionals has been crucial for his personal and professional growth.

About Barnaby

Barnabas Varadi

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Marketing Specialist


The destination starts with friendly service, reliable advice & professional help. One flexible and dedicate support ready for building the best plan to make your relocating adventure happen.


Ask us a question, request a 30 min free consultation or send us an enquiry and  explain your situation in detail.

We`d love to hear from you.

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