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Race Against Time. Seizing Last-Minute Opportunities During Pandemic

Pandemic. The world is upside down. Uncertainty everywhere. But for Janos and Fruzsina, fate presented itself with an unlikely twist. An opportunity, that no one could predict, landed right in their laps. Nothing was a walk in the park during Covid, but they were focused, their minds were set on this new adventure. Janos managed to secure a job offer in Christchurch while he was still in Hungary. Flight tickets were bought, suitcases were packed in a hurry. The clock was ticking - Janos and Fruzsina (and two energetic kids in tow!) only had three days between their arrival in New Zealand and the deadline to submit their residence visa application. But having the right help by their side made all the difference.

"Our visa administration is like a fairy tale! One of us managed to find a job from Hungary, and we immediately contacted Edit. A strange situation arose, as another company signed up, so we were able to get even more favourable conditions based on Edit's suggestions. Thanks to her great knowledge, we were able to take advantage of an opportunity to submit the residence visa immediately in the simplified system. Edit drove us through the whole process, it was clear what type of documents we have to provide and why, and she updated us regularly so we were able to focus on other tasks what we had to do before we moved to NZ. When we arrived we were able to finish our application, so Edit sent it to the government and kept us updated. Even though her job was nearly done she kept in touch and supported us during we started our new life in NZ, we received so much suggestions, which was really helpful for us. After 8 months, our visa was judged (fortunately positively), until then, Edit informed us about the status of the case every month, which was very reassuring! We weren't really nervous, we knew we were in the best hands. Edit managed to turn a horribly stressful period into a real fairy tale for us, for which we will always be grateful!"

Fast forward to July 2022, their dream became a reality as they landed in New Zealand with their children. There were new sights, sounds, and maybe even plenty unfamiliar words to learn, but the excitement was undeniable. Settling into a new life with a new culture is challenging, but this family embraced it all. The best news arrived in May 2023 - their residence visa was approved alongside their furry family member, their beloved dog.

Sure things, there are always bumps along the road - missing loved ones back home, adapting to a new routine - but when you are focused and prepared in mind things become easier to tackle. It shows that even in the toughest times, unexpected chances can emerge, which makes you wonder what hidden possibilities might be waiting around the corner. For all of us.


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