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Leaping Across Continents, Crossing Borders to Build Dreams

For our family, we want to provide a safe, brighter future and, in time, a peaceful retirement down the line. Some families find their happily ever after right at home, but others, like Andras & Heni, take a leap of faith and venture into the unknown. Europe seemed like the promised land, but after hitting a wall several times they turned their sights to New Zealand to start with a clean slate.

The family's primary objective was to move with minimized risks, so they sought professional guidance while they had anxieties, especially their concern about leaving their familiar world behind. Let`s hear it from them:

"We had been contemplating immigrating from Hungary for years, driven by the desire to provide our children with a better and more relaxed future and to explore the possibility of a peaceful retirement anywhere in the world. Initially, we considered Europe. However, after several unsuccessful attempts, we entertained the idea of trying our luck in New Zealand. We embarked on this journey with cautious optimism, seeking employment assistance from a local headhunter who, in turn, recommended a local immigration adviser.

Given our intention to relocate as a family, it was crucial for us to handle every aspect appropriately. While the recommended immigration adviser was pleasant, we had numerous questions that unfortunately went unanswered.

Our primary goal was to minimize potential risks and uncertainties, especially considering the age of our children and the difficulty of returning from the other side of the world. As our resolve to start a new life in New Zealand strengthened, we decided to seek the assistance of a Hungarian Immigration Adviser.

To our great delight, we discovered Harmony Immigration. Edit's kindness, understanding, and patience, coupled with her detailed responses to our questions, provided the confidence we needed to embark on this significant journey. Thanks to her precise and professional work, we were successfully granted work visas, and our children received domestic student visas.

Edit helped us from the beginning. She helped us find an accredited employer while we were in Hungary and once we arrived she played a crucial role in easing our transition, assisting us in various aspects of settling down. Not only did she help us find a suitable rental place, but she also guided us through the process of opening a bank account and applying for an IRD number. Her support has been invaluable, and we know we can rely on her for everything, whether it's answering questions or providing guidance on navigating our new environment.

After nine months in New Zealand, we have successfully settled in. We are actively familiarizing ourselves with local traditions, connecting with our neighbors, and approaching everything with humility, openness, and acceptance, as there is much to learn. It is reassuring to find that the people here are kind, patient, and possess a positive outlook. Our children are thriving in their school, thanks to the helpful and tolerant community, which alleviates the absence of family, friends, and the familiarities of home.

We are thrilled to have successfully realized our ambitious plan. With Edit's assistance, we overcame the challenges and obstacles we faced. With our perseverance and commitment, we aim to achieve our future goals and live our dreams.

Thank you, Edit"

We're over the moon for them as they show inspiration to those contemplating similar life-changing decisions. With careful planning, the right support system, and an open mind, even the most ambitious dreams can be within reach. And as they write their next chapter, one thing is certain: their story is just beginning.


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