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The Working Holiday: From Tourist to Residents

Moving to a new country is often a blend of excitement and uncertainty. Anna and Adam's journey began with a simple desire to explore the world, which led them to visit New Zealand as tourists in 2019. The idea of living abroad lingered in their minds even after their return home. They pondered various options in different countries before stumbling upon New Zealand's Working Holiday offering. Surprisingly, both of their applications were accepted, opening doors to new possibilities they hadn't imagined before.

After researching various avenues, Anna and Adam explored New Zealand on a Working Holiday visa, which was a perfect stepping stone at the time. Despite uncertainty, they stayed focused on finding opportunities. With Edit's guidance, they applied for jobs, moving closer to their dreams. Adam's talent caught the eye of Lune Digital. Adam, perfectly fitting the bill, landed a mechatronic engineer position. His temporary role was transitioned into a permanent one the following year as his potential was recognized.

Immigration landscapes are complex anywhere in the world, but with the right help, certain things seem less challenging. Edit's meticulous application preparation, up-to-date advice, and attention to detail helped Anna and Adam, who can now proudly call themselves New Zealand residents. But their journey extends far beyond just securing the right visa. Edit's support provided a sense of community and belonging, a crucial aspect of settling into a new life.

In their own words:

"My wife and I visited New Zealand as tourists for the first time in 2019; it was a destination of our half-year travels around the world. We finished our trip just before the Covid era started. After returning home, we realised that both of us would enjoy living abroad and we had plenty of time to ponder on it. Later, while looking at different options in several countries, we came across the Working Holiday offering of New Zealand and submitted our applications immediately. New Zealand was among both of our top picks. The open spots were quite limited, so we did not expect to be successful and never even imagined that both of us would be granted the visa at the same time, but it actually happened. That is when we found Edit. She provided us with several visa and non-visa related tips, and she was very helpful in general; she also connected us with lots of great people in NZ. We moved to New Zealand in 2022. As luck would have it, Edit’s husband was looking to expand his company at that time, so I got a temporary job with them. Next year, Edit managed my Work Visa application, including all the translations and the accreditation on the employer side. We managed to turn the temp job into permanent employment smoothly. Since then, Edit helped us to navigate the vast list of visa options and forever changing criteria. She also advised us throughout our Resident Visa application and now we’re proud New Zealand residents. Her up-to-date advices were vital in the process."

Of course, cultural adaptation, language, distance from loved ones are something we all need to cope with. Anna and Adam's relocation was full of uncertainties, yet with assistance and guidance that goes beyond paperwork, obstacles can be transformed into stepping stones.


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