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Blossoming Settling Against All Odds

18.000 km away and 2 years earlier in Hungary, an elderly couple, Maria and Ferenc Verhas, found themselves on an unexpected journey towards a new life. Their story is one of resilience, love and the pursuit of a dream that transcended borders. It all began around eight years ago when their son made the bold decision to move to New Zealand, drawn by many scenic wonders.

Tragedy struck when they lost their son to a mountaineering accident, leaving behind a heartfelt wish – for his parents to join him and make New Zealand their home. The loss was devastating, but out of the grief emerged a determination to fulfill their son's unrealized dream. This is the story of how, against all odds, Maria and Ferenc secured that needed visa to stay legally in New Zealand.

"We were introduced to Edit and Harmony Immigration through a recommendation. After conversing with Edit, she informed us about our immigration chances. Our journey began approximately 8 years ago when our son relocated to New Zealand, prompting us to visit him. At that time, the idea of moving to New Zealand hadn't crossed our minds, but we were captivated by the country's breathtaking beauty. Tragically, our son passed away, and it became our commitment to return and fulfill his dream – he wished for us to permanently reside in New Zealand. With Edit's invaluable assistance, we successfully obtained a residence visa despite the challenges we encountered. Contrary to the skepticism we faced from others, Edit assured us that it was highly probable for the visa to be granted. Together, we overcame obstacles, and we are profoundly grateful for what Edit has done for us. Now, as residents of New Zealand, we have fulfilled our son's dream, and we thoroughly enjoy our life in the beautiful Aotearoa. Without Edit, we wouldn't have been able to accomplish this."

Their story is a testament to love and the strength found in honoring a departed loved one's aspirations. Maria and Ferenc have found a new chapter in their lives, one treasured with memories of their son and the joy of living in a land they now call home. Their journey, from a grieving family to proud residents of New Zealand, highlights that nothing is impossible against all the odds.


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