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There is a visa for everyone! Find different pathways to be part of the Kiwi lifestyle whether you want to study, have an adventurous holiday, reunite with family or settling for good. This guide helps you find out the possible ways for you & your family what visa category you might need depending on your motives, age, experiences and qualifications.

I am dedicated to provide ethical transparent support hence the eligibility assessment test is an important part of my research process. It helps to understand your individual circumstances and show what you may be eligible for. The more accurate information you provide the easier and quicker we can get back to you especially for time sensitive cases.

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With a help of this free assessment I can make informed decision of the how to proceed with your possible way in to New Zealand. Assessment results can help me better understand your overseas tertiary and vocational qualification for immigration, employment or even further study, also it can be worked out how they compare to New Zealand qualifications. Work experiences, your general and mental health are important factors - and part of the visa obtaining process - because they provide crucial evidence. 

Disclaimer : Please be mindful that all advice provided is based on current legislation, policy and instructions. These may change at any time and changes may affect your options and eligibility for a particular type of visa

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